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Online Mystery Games

Are you looking for online mystery games that can simulate a real investigation? Do you want to be a detective dealing with a heinous murder to be solved? All this is possible today.

Let’s discover the best online mystery games on Google Play and Apple App Store.


Mysteryfy App - Best Online Mystery Game

Mysteryfy is the app dedicated to mystery lovers and crime-fiction enthusiasts. This app allows you to investigate intricate crimes: in the role of a detective, you have the entire file of a murder case at your disposal.

You will be able to interrogate suspects, analyze the evidence of the crime scene, question witnesses, collect info in the newspapers and much more.

This detective game contains a selection of the best crime murder parties and allows you to either investigate alone or with your friends in multiplayer mode. Mysteryfy has created a new genre of detective stories: the crime dossier murder mystery game.

For sure one of the best investigative games in circulation!

WHO IS THE KILLER (episode 1)

Who is the killer? App - Investigative Game

The Old Sins is the first episode of the investigative series Who is The Killer. This app recovers the atmosphere of the classic crime novel.

Stuck inside a castle due to a snowstorm, you will investigate a series of suspicious deaths. The culprit is hiding among a series of suspects, each of them has a motive, and your task will be to find the killer within a week.


Criminal Minds App

This app allows you to enter the world of the Criminal Minds TV series. Lead the investigations to track down the world’s most brutal serial killers with the help of the BAU team.

With a plot designed for crime lovers, each case will have unique objectives and tasks that help you profile, hunt, and capture the UnSub.


CSI Hidden Crimes App - Investigative Game

This game, written by the screenwriter of the long-running CSI TV series, recovers the atmosphere of the TV series. Together with the famous detective team you will have to solve heinous crimes.

The proposed setting is that of the eccentric city of Las Vegas, with its splendid hotels and rich casinos. The analysis of the crime scene will allow you to find the culprit among a series of suspects. An unmissable game for fans of the internationally successful series of the same name (but unfortunately only available on Google Play).


Murder in the Alps App - Investigative Game

It is a detective story structured as a graphic adventure, set in the 1930s in a hotel in the Alps. As a journalist, you will have to find out who among a series of suspects is the killer.

Beautiful and detailed designs will immerse you in alpine scenery, underground tunnels and much more. In addition to investigating, you will also have to solve puzzles, visit mysterious places and interrogate eccentric suspects.


These five investigative games are just a small example of the many mystery apps you can download on the online stores. In addition to being a pleasant entertainment, they also allow you to develop important skills such as lateral thinking, problem-solving, and they are real intellectual challenges between authors and players.

You just have to download them, turn yourself into a detective and start the investigation!

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