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Mysteryfy is a mystery online game you can play with your friends everywhere you like! On holiday, at the restaurant, at a party, at home! Just download and install it on your Android or iOS device, choose a story and invite your friend! Your device becomes your Crime Dossier: examine the evidences, read the Police reports, find the hidden clues… and solve the mystery.

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To write our stories, we leave ourselves to be inspired by the most famous novels and movies: classic thrillers, crime stories, spy stories, legal thrillers, noir, hard-boiled, detective fiction, grip-lit and so on.

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Crime fiction has multiple subgenres and with Mysteryfy, the best mystery online game, you can live them all! Moreover, our investigative adventures have specific and dedicated settings. You can choose to investigate in Paris during the Belle Époque or in gothic Victorian London; you can be a spy in Berlin during the Cold war or a young detective in the Italian countryside full of superstition. But also you can search the murderer in a beautiful cottage covered with snow in the Alps or in the sunny hot Las Vegas. Mysteryfy has so many stories you can always find the right setting to make your game night perfect!

In short Mysteryfy is a journey through time and space! Mysteryfy is an immersive experience you can play alone or with your friends and family.

Il sole che tramonta attraverso una fitta foresta di alberi.

Mysteryfy is a new dimension of online gaming because it offers you a live experience of solving a crime case. In other words, your device becomes a Crime Dossier directly in your hands! Therefore, playing with Mysteryfy is like reading a book where you can write the end of the story, solving the mystery behind the murder and find the culprit. 

You can read a preview (without spoilers) of our stories in this article.


    All crime fiction is based on a mystery to be solved. But since the beginning of the crime fiction in the early 1800s to the thousands of contemporary authors this genre has evolved continuously, creating new sub-genres and crossovers. But what are these sub-genres and, in general, why may it be so important to define […]

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    Are you looking for online mystery games that can simulate a real investigation? Do you want to be a detective dealing with a heinous murder to be solved? All this is possible today. In this article we will discover the best online mystery games on Google Play and Apple App Store. MYSTERYFY Mysteryfy is the […]


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