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In the hills of central Italy, a series of murders have occurred.. a grim hunt for the killer awaits you!

But this is a great painter. Only a great artist can give such a true meaning to death.

(The House with Laughing Windows)


Italy, Umbria Region 2020.

A young girl has mysteriously disappeared among the small towns of the Central Apennines. It’s up to you to find her, but something has gone wrong… will you be able to follow the Bloodline to the end to discover the truth?

The chosen setting evokes the atmospheres of folk horror films by Italian directors like Pupi Avati. The elements are isolated small communities, paganism, and ritualism.

This narrative seems to draw inspiration from the mood and themes typical of folk horror, a genre known for its eerie and often rural settings, where ancient customs and superstitions play a central role.

These central Italian locations are rich in history. They have origins that date back to the Etruscan and medieval periods. The ancient legends and mysteries surrounding these places can provide an intriguing plot and a picturesque setting for a detective story. Lake Trasimeno and the Apennine mountains offer breathtaking natural scenery that adds a touch of realism to the mystery.

La linea di sangue


Bloodline is a folk-horror mystery inspired by Italian thriller-horror films, a tradition that starts with Dario Argento and Pupi Avati. The setting is the countryside of Central Italy, dotted with legends and unspeakable secrets.

In the role of an unusual detective, you will be immersed in a chilling… spectral atmosphere.

A folk-horror mystery with very dark hues. The investigation will not be simple, and you will need to maximize your ‘little gray cells’ to fully unravel it.

Mistery – Folk Horror

This murder mystery dinner set in Central Italy recaptures the elements of horrors set in the countryside or in small isolated communities bound together by unfathomable secrets and family ties.


Mystery – Folk Horror




A story playable in both single-player and multiplayer modes. You can add as many players as you want.


Soft lights, food from the Central Italy cuisine based on meat and a good red wine. Background music inspired by the soundtracks of Dario Argento or Pupi Avati.