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The Blood of Honor

A samurai has failed his task. In Edo Japan, he has only one choice: to commit seppuku.

The word of the samurai is firmer than metal.

(Yamamoto Tsunetomo)


Japan, 1858

The setting chosen for the Murder Dinner: The Blood of Honor is Japan at the end of the Edo period, during the reign of Shogun Tokugawa Iesada.

The atmospheres are therefore those of feudal Japan where the Daimyō live, rich and powerful feudal lords, the Samurai, full of honor and might, the Ninja, cunning and mysterious warriors, and the devoted and enigmatic Shugenja. During this period, Western merchants also arrived in Japan, driven by the desire to open new trade channels.

An original setting for a Murder Dinner that will keep you glued to the investigation.


At the court of the Shogun, news arrives that is incredible. One of his generals, the Daimyō of Nagahama, after having gloriously won a battle against the rebels, was killed in combat. At the same time, the family banner was stolen from a closed temple and watched over by the faithful samurai of the Daimyō.

Rumors say that the perpetrator of the theft could only have been a yūrei, a vengeful and evil spirit, capable of passing through walls and remaining unseen. The temple where the banner was located was monitored, and no one was seen entering or exiting it, apart from the Daimyō himself, of course.

The Shogun has decided to send you, his best and most trusted men, to investigate what seems to be an impossible theft. The orders are clear: find out what happened to the Daimyō and punish the culprit, be it a human or a yūrei.

Historical Mystery and the Locked Room Enigma

This murder mystery dinner set in Edo period Japan combines historical accuracy and pure detective deduction, as this murder mystery dinner also draws inspiration from the successful genre of classic mystery known as “the locked room enigma.


Historical Mystery and the Locked Room Enigma


Medium – Hard


A story playable in both single-player and multiplayer modes. You can add as many players as you want.


This murder mystery dinner is set in medieval Japan, it might be interesting to serve Japanese dishes and play music reminiscent of the Edo period of Japan.