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In the Berlin divided by the wall, a spy war made of deaths and impossible thefts unfolds.

A spy in the right place replaces 20,000 men at the front.



Berlin, June 1986: Potsdamer Platz, West sector.

Berlin, during the Cold War years, was a city divided not just by a concrete wall but also by opposing ideologies. This division created a unique atmosphere, charged with tension and mystery, making it the perfect setting for a murder mystery dinner inspired by spy stories.


The M41 line bus ends its run. Like every evening, Heinrich Meyer hangs up his badge, gets off the bus, and lights a cigarette. However, tonight not everything is normal. The man suddenly hears a noise coming from the vehicle, it’s something unusual that he has never heard before. He gets back on, looks carefully between the seats and suddenly sees a small figure emerge, it’s a child. The child’s gaze is catatonic and his hands are stained with blood.

A group of men are entering an apartment. Once inside, they head towards a safe they find open. After cursing, one of them points out to the others bloodstains along a corridor. When they fling open the door, the scene inside is horrifying: a man is dead on the ground, killed in a brutal manner.

It’s Brigadier General Luitbran Böhm, one of the most influential NATO military officers of the Federal Republic of Germany. The corpse still clutches a small piece of paper in its hand, with letters written in blood. One of the men tries to read it; it’s not difficult, there is only one word written:

L I K T O.

Spy Story

Every Murder Mystery Dinner we offer, as per tradition, is inspired by one of the sub-genres of detective fiction. In this case, we have chosen spy stories. The goal is to convey the feelings and challenges experienced in Berlin while it was still divided by the wall during the Cold War.


Spy Story




Story playable in both single player and multiplayer modes. You can add as many players as you want.


Music with the soundtrack from the most beautiful spy movies, before dinner a good aperitif… perhaps a Martini but… shaken not stirred.