How to play with MYSTERYFY ADVENTURES and additional PLAYERS PACKS

To play Mysteryfy, after downloading and installing the application on your device, you will need to acquire one or more Adventures by adding it to your profile: the title, features, details and price of the Adventures are described in the “Catalog” section.

To add an Adventure, Select the Play button in the description sheet. If the Adventure is free, the acquisition process will begin immediately; if the Adventure is for a fee, or you intend to purchase Player Packages, the Application will connect you with the electronic store set up for your device, such as Google Play, Apple Store, etc. The purchase procedure will be managed by the electronic shop; please refer to the Terms and Conditions of the relative e-shop.

Game mode

When you decide to play a Mysteryfy Adventure, the application offers you the possibility to choose three different ways to play:

  • single player;
  • multiplayer, create a game room;
  • multiplayer, join a game room opened by a friend.

Single Player: once you add an adventure to Mysteryfy you can play it forever as many times as you want.

Multiplayer – create a game: with this mode, Mysteryfy creates for you a game room identified by a code that will appear on the screen. You can send and share the code with your friends: you can send and share the code with your friends and a maximum number of players indicated by the application will be able to join the game. You can add more players purchasing Player Packs.

Multiplayer – join the game: you can use the code given to you by a friend of yours to join an existing game. You can use it:

  • if you already have the Adventure, click on “Play” button then select “Join a game” option: insert the code in the designated box;
  • if you don’t have the Adventure, you need to use the link your friend sent you: just click it and you will join the game room.

How Adventures and Player Packs work


You can acquire an adventure by purchase, free acquisition or by a code: once acquired, the Adventure wil be associated with your login profile by name, surname and e-mail address and it will always be in your availability. This means that you will have unlimited access to the Adventures you acquired from any technologically suitable device.

In compliance with the European Data Protection Regulation (GDPR, Reg UE 679/2016), you can ask us to delete your profile and personal data but we warn you that dooing so you will no longer be able to use the Adventures associated with your profile.

Player Packs

Purchasing a Players Pack allows you to invite players to play the Adventure with you in “multiplayer” mode. Each Player Pack provides a number of players that can be added to a specific Adventure. Each Players Pack is tied exclusively to a specific Adventure and cannot be used with other Adventures.

A PLAYER PACK CAN ONLY BE USED ONCE. If you invite fewer players than the maximum number of players provided by the Players Pack purchased, in any case the Player Pack will be considers fully used and you will not be able to use the remaining number of invitations for another game.

If something is not clear or you have any questions, you can consult the FAQ section or contact our Customer Support: in the Support section you can find the contacts information you need.

This document integrates the MYSTERYFY TERMS AND CONDITIONS document and is intended to explain in detail the procedure for purchasing products through the Application and is valid for all legal effects in the relationship between you (the User) and the Owner.

Last revised 7 October 2021