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Death on the Green Baize

In Las Vegas, anything goes just to win at the green table… even murder?

If you’re playing poker and you look around the table and can’t tell who the sucker is, it’s you.

(Paul Newman)


Las Vegas, late 1900s

In the Las Vegas of the late century, intrigues and follies are mixed with fun and unrestrained luxury, but death runs fast on the green cloth! A story full of characters with shady pasts and uncertain futures… just like gambling.

Las Vegas can be an ideal setting for a murder mystery dinner for several reasons: its atmosphere, with its casinos and nightlife, creates a perfect adrenaline-charged environment for a mystery story.


In a private room of the Bellagio, a tense and thrilling poker game is underway. Seated at the green table are experienced players who constantly exchange furtive glances. They are very different from each other, both in social background and geographical origin, but they share a common goal: to win the large sum at stake.

Suddenly, however, something goes wrong, and one of them, the richest and most pompous, collapses to the ground, dying in terrible spasms of pain. Panic immediately ensues throughout the casino, and within minutes, the Las Vegas police arrive on the scene and seal off the crime scene.

In the role of the forensic police, you will have to analyze various clues, investigate the past of the players and the strange croupier, and finally formulate an accusation hypothesis.

Deductive Mystery – Tutorial

A fun and thrilling mystery, without being overly brainy, suitable for all players with a good spirit of observation.


Deductive Mystery




A story playable in both single-player and multiplayer modes. You can add as many players as you want.


A simple mystery to spend time peacefully with friends and family, perhaps in front of some good quick-to-eat finger food.