Mysteryfy FAQ

Do I need to be connected to the internet to play Mysteryfy?

No, you don’t. You need internet to download the adventure and possibly to update it but once this is done you can play even without an internet connection.

WARNING!! Multiplayer mode needs that all players have a stable and reliable internet connection.

I installed the adventure but when I launch the adventure I get a blank page with a “Webage not available” error

This error can occur when the device has few disk space available: try to check how much available disk space the device has and if necessary, free up some memory. Then uninstall and reinstall Mysteryfy and download the adventure again.

On Android devices, it is possible to move the app to the external SD memory to have more possibilities to manage space.

If none of these proposals solve your problem, contact our technical support.

How many people can play the same adventure at the same time?

The number of players may be unlimited because you can add as many Player Packs to an adventure as you like.

If I invite a friend, does s/he have to pay too?

No, anyone who gets an invitation to join a Mysteryfy game doesn’t have to pay anything. You have an adventure in your catalog (free or paid) and you decide to play it with other friends: click on the Play button and then on the “Host a game” button: the app creates a code that you can share or send to your friends.

As your friends accept your invitation, you will see their name on the player list. Once everyone has responded to your invitation, you can start the game.

Remember that once the game has started, NO OTHER PLAYERS will be able to join.

I was invited by a friend to play a Mysteryfy story: what should I do?

Your friend has sent you a code to join her game: she can do it via email, text message, etc. If you have already installed Myseryfy, you can click on the link you received and choose to open the link with the app.

If you already have both the app and the adventure installed, you can click “Play now” and choose “Join a game” where you will enter the code you just received.

If you haven’t already, install Mysteryfy!

What’s the difference between a paid adventure and a free one?

None. Free Adventures are complete adventures with ads and can be played only in single mode.

To remove ads and to play simultaneously with your friend, purchase a premium adventure at less than a euro per player!

Last revised 18 march 2022