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Are you looking for cool detective stories to investigate alone or with your friends? Are you looking for intriguing stories to play a thrilling murder party game? Find out the our Best Stories!

In this article we present the synopsis of the best stories you can find in the Mysteryfy app, which can be downloaded for free on Google Play and App Store.

Mysteryfy contains only original stories you cannot find elsewhere and they are written with great attention to the settings and the structures of the plot and characters.

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Mysteryfy - The Woman Who Knew Too Much

The Woman Who Knew Too Much is available on the Mysteryfy app completely for free. A story of journalism and power, inspired by the Grip-Lit literature, where the protagonist and victim is a courageous and determined blogger…


New York, November 2020.

The Big Apple is a place of business, a temple of power and a theater of unbridled passions. Among the skyscrapers and the great metropolitan arteries, a drama takes place with the death of a young man during a party at the home of a well-known blogger.

The life of the blogger is hanging by a thread, so there’s not much time to close the case.


It is the day of the 2020 presidential election when an unexpected phone call shakes the journalist Dylan Dewey from the monotony of his daily job. The caller is a frightened and agitated woman, Mary Ward, sister of the well-known blogger-columnist Ellie Ward.

A few days earlier, on October 28, Ellie Ward had gone into a coma, caused by an overdose of heroin taken during a party hosted in her Manhattan apartment. On that tragic evening, the blogger’s boyfriend, the young Noah Moore, died of an overdose.

Mary Ward is desperate and believes her sister was framed by someone. Dylan Dewey, convinced by Mary’s sincerity and the bizarre dynamics of her case, decides to help the young woman.

As investigative reporters, will you be able to reveal the secrets of a “woman who knew too much”?

You’ll have the chance to analysis of digital devices of the blogger and talk with her friends. One of them is the killer!


Mysteryfy - The Portrait Of Death

This story is inspired by Urban Legends where modernity and folklore blend into a contemporary tale, set in Northern Italy in 1980.


The investigation will lead you inside “Villa Amiltoni”, an austere and full of mystery mansion, to discover the truth about a strange death that took place within those walls.

In this murder mystery game, with dark and gloomy hues and where nothing is really what it appears, you will have to avert an ancient and powerful curse and stop the chain of deaths that it carries with it. A horror- thriller story, in full 80’s style.


Milan 1980. A group of eccentric friends, art experts and collectors of rarities, decide to embark on an expedition to the Polesine to find an ancient painting that is said to carry a powerful curse. A few days after their departure, following accurate and detailed searches, they manage to find the mysterious painting buried in the marshes of the Pò delta.

The painting is the portrait of a young woman, Angelica, who died centuries ago in macabre and gruesome circumstances. After being found, the painting unleashes a series of disturbing and inexplicable deaths.

A séance conducted by a medium could provide important clues, but be careful never to make eye contact with Angelica! On the other hand, as Ian Fleming wrote, “You only live twice: once when you are born and once when you look death in the face”.

What secrets does the “Portrait of Angelica” hide? In this murder mystery game in a thriller-horror style supernatural and logic come together to confuse you and make you stray from the truth.


Mysteryfy - The Portraitist

This investigation, which will test your deduction skills, is inspired by the tradition of deductive crime stories (whodunit).


The Portraitist is set in the Paris of the Belle Époque, Art Nouveau, street artists, fashion and excesses.

In this Eden-like atmosphere the mysterious crime of a young and promising portrait painter from Montmartre upsets the entire Parisian society.


Paris, 1896, a late winter day.

The body of a young portrait painter called Antoine Discart is found inside his apartment. The Police begin to investigate but for now they are clueless.

Given the “bohemian” lifestyle of the young portraitist, the suspicions of the Parisian Gendarmerie focus on the premises of Montmartre, on the artists, actors and dancers of the area, but also on more exotic and sinister characters who roam the Paris of the time.

Preliminary investigations yield some results.

On the day of Antoine’s death, several people came to visit him in his atelier and the police suspect them; unfortunately there are no witnesses to the heinous crime besides a neighbor, an elderly woman bedridden by a serious illness that continually repeats a strange and disturbing rhyme…

Now it’s up to you to discover the culprit and restore serenity and tranquillity to the Paris of the late 19th century, shaken and deeply concerned by this murder.


Mysteryfy Bloodline

This story is inspired by the classic thriller-horror movies and novels, where the detective strive to find the murderer despite evil omens and supernatural menaces.


An isolated cemetery between the mountains, hidden by a thick blanket of snow. In front of a tombstone the snow is red as blood…

Evil omens, supernatural forces and strange people will try to stop you from solving the mystery behind the disappearance of a young girl.


Despite the skepticism of your fellow colleagues of the Police Department, you are sure the disappearance of a young student it’s not an isolated crime, but it’s part of a larger (and darker) scheme.

In this countryside the local community seems not to like a detective sniffing around and making questions. Even the local parish priest looks at you in an odd way…

What do these people hide behind their harsh attitude? There is something supernatural pressing you to find this poor girl and you have a strange feeling of unfinished business on this land!