Murder Mystery Dinner

Would you like to host a special evening with a murder mystery party?

Mysteryfy is the perfect tool to organize a great evening with your family or your friends. You can investigate altogether a vicious crime, solve the mystery and bring the criminal to justice.

However, there are a few tricks and details you can prepare to make your game experience unique. Let’s see some of them!

Mysteryfy the best murder mystery party

The recipe for a special murder mystery party

First of all, you can prepare or order a tasty dinner, perhaps made up of several courses. You can accompany each course with some clues of the crime file, so you can play and eat talking about the case. If you are a perfectionist, make sure that the dinner matches the setting and the atmosphere of the story you are playing: for example, French cuisine for “The Portraitist”, Italian cuisine for “The Portrait of the Death” and American cuisine for “The Woman Who Knew Too Much” and so on.

Similarly, you could prepare a music playlist to go with the theme of the game setting and atmosphere. If you love music, you can create the playlist yourself or, if you prefer, you can use the Spotify playlist we prepared for you. You can find the relative link in the pages of our website dedicated to the stories.

Above all we believe it’s very important for a great murder party to let all the player tell their theories. You should discuss them altogether and you should not dismiss any idea without a proper analysis because sometimes in our stories the perpetrators are evil geniuses and they may have excogitated an intricate plan.

All of this will help you and your friends put yourselves into the story and play perfectly your role as a detective.

This is the perfect recipe for a special murder mystery party!

Good luck… and goo investigation!

Mysteryfy the best murder mystery party