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The Trails of Terror

A grim murder threatens to plunge Salem back into the chaos of the witch hunt

Witches ceased to exist when we stopped burning them.



Salem Village, New England, year of our Lord 1722. Following a terrible murder, the British colony is at risk of falling back into terror… In this gloomy murder mystery story, dark secrets and horror mix together like in a witch’s cauldron!

Albero dell'Impiccato - Hangman's tree (Folk Horror)


Something seems to have awakened in young Abigail, a dark and evil presence that her fellow citizens know well: the Evil One. Evoked by the witches, he continues to torment poor innocent souls.

Thirty years after the well-known witch trial, which took place right in Salem and which saw the death sentence of 19 people, terror returns to envelop those cursed places. The Puritan community is shocked. Abigail can no longer sleep at night, she hides behind the furniture, emits sounds in an incomprehensible language while drool drips from her mouth…

But the horror is only at the beginning when a heinous murder plunges the community into chaos!

Will a new witch hunt begin?!?

Not only will the players have to find the murderer among the bizarre protagonists of the story, but they will also have to choose the ending: will you condemn the witch or save her?

Witch Trial - Processo alla strega

Historical folk horror

Folk horror is a sub-genre that uses elements of folklore to evoke fear and uneasiness. Typical elements are a rural setting, isolation and themes related to superstition, folk religion, paganism, sacrifice and the dark aspects of nature.

This story also mixes a historical setting loosely inspired by the Salem witch hunt..


A thriller inspired by historical folk horror.


A medium difficulty story.


Single Player and Muliplayer. You can add as many players you like.

To add some details…

Treat yourself to this story for a special evening with a folk or horror theme, maybe on Halloween night! You can also pair the story with a nice dinner inspired by Thanksgiving.