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Abyss of Madness

Echoes from the past speak of mourning and murders, and uncomfortable truths resurface.

Don’t ask yourself why people go mad, ask yourself why they don’t. In the face of everything we can lose in a day, in an instant, it’s better to ask what it is that keeps you whole.


London 1870, the height of the Victorian Era.

Victorian London is a very evocative setting for a dark-themed murder mystery dinner. Let’s look at some reasons. Firstly, the Gothic architecture of the houses, the fog, and the dim lighting of the gas street lamps immediately immerse you in a gloomy and mysterious atmosphere.

London at the end of the 1800s is rich in history and legends. Ghost stories abound, as do the short and cheap serialized creapy tales called ‘Penny Dreadful.’ Our story is inspired by these brief serial tales and seeks to recapture their narrative style.

abissi di follia


The city is cold and gray, yet at the same time chaotic and noisy; clouds of coal rise from the textile industries and the dwellings of the world’s largest city. As every morning, Helena wakes up, gets up, and as usual, looks at herself in the mirror. Who is the girl reflected? Sometimes Helena recognizes her, sometimes not.

Helena is in love, her life has always been calm and protected but lately, something is not right in her head. At night she wakes up in the grip of ancestral panic, are the noises she hears real? Are the voices bouncing around in her mind just the fruit of her imagination or is there someone else in that house? Maybe she is going mad…

Echoes from a distant past re-emerge from the darkness, something not dormant in the mind of young Helena awakens and becomes a borer that slowly devours her mind, insidiously weaving into the girl’s thoughts, driving her mad.

In this murder mystery dinner with dark hues, death and horror are tied in a knot difficult to untie, will you be able to unravel the labyrinth of riddles and re-emerge from the Abyss of Madness?

Psychological thriller

Abyss of Madness mixes the deductive aspects typical of classic detective stories with a very disturbing and dark setting, combined with madness which is the true common thread that ties the elements of this story together.


Psychological thriller. Penny Dreadful.




Story playable in both single player and multiplayer modes. You can add as many players as you want.


The Victorian London setting inspires an elegant and somewhat baroque atmosphere, a dinner with excellent wines and above all… very low lights, perhaps by candlelight.