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The Portrait of the Death

An ancient curse re-emerges from the past bringing with it a chain of deaths.

Only man can curse: it is his privilege, the primary distinction between him and other animals.

F√ędor Dostoevskij


In this murder mystery game, with dark and gloomy hues and where nothing is really what it appears, you will have to avert an ancient and powerful curse and stop the chain of deaths that it carries with it. A horror-hued thriller, in full 80s style.

The Portrait of the DEath - Amiltoni's Villa


Milan, Italy 1980. A group of eccentric friends, art experts and collectors of rarities, decide to embark on an expedition to the Polesine to find an ancient painting that is said to carry a powerful curse. A few days after their departure, following accurate and detailed searches, they manage to find the mysterious painting buried in the marshes of the Po delta.

The painting is the portrait of a young girl, Angelica, who died centuries ago in macabre and gruesome circumstances. After being found, the painting unleashes a series of disturbing and inexplicable deaths. What secrets does the “Portrait of Angelica” hide?

A seance conducted by a medium could provide important clues, but be careful never to make eye contact with Angelica! On the other hand, as Ian Fleming wrote, ” You only live twice. Once when you are born and once when you look death in the face”.

The Portrait of the DEath - ouija board

Urban legend

This story mixes the topics of the urban legends and Italian folklore with the classic crime fiction.


A subtle mix of urban legend, Italian folklore, horror and classic crime fiction.


Not too hard.


Single Player and Muliplayer. You can add as many players you like.

To add some details…

Italian cuisine, gloomy music in background… and an ouija board just in case you may need it! Try out our Spotify Playlist!